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Getting to know our brides, grooms, and their families is one of the best parts about wedding planning. We love learning how our couples first met, what they love to do with their families, and how they hope their wedding day will feel. Even though we know our couples well by the time their wedding [...]
Summer Downtown Indianapolis Wedding at Union Station at Crowne Plaza with Ivan & Louise Images and Isibeal Studio | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

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I want to start today with a piece of encouragement: Getting a business coach means you are doing incredible. I often see wedding planners who think having a business coach means their business is failing. But that is far from the truth! Business coaches (similar to health coaches, trainers, etc.) will help give you professional [...]
How To Be a Coachable Client - Wedding Planner Business Coach - Jessica Dum Education

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Last summer, we wrote about how to avoid burnout during a busy wedding season. One of the recommendations we made was outsourcing. This summer we wanted to expand on that and share how you can get started with outsourcing! Most of us start our own businesses out of a passion for the product or service [...]
How To Get Started With Outsourcing - for Wedding Planners

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At the beginning of every new year, we set goals for our wedding planning businesses. These goals can cover a variety of things from financial, growth, social, team goals, etc. But what we often fail to do is check in on those goals throughout the year to be sure we're hitting them or even to [...]
How To Conduct a Mid-Year Business Review for Wedding Planners

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When it comes to social media, engagement is one of the most-tracked metrics. Engagement doesn't just show you what posts people are interested in, but also shows you what you should keep talking about! And of course, your goal is to always get more and more engagement on your posts. So how do you increase [...]
ways to increase engagement on your content

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You probably keep hearing online reasons to blog for your wedding business. But I know that when you are busy planning, adding another item to your plate is not something you are looking to do! However, blogging is such an important part of any wedding planner’s marketing strategy. It takes time and effort, but a [...]
reasons to blog as a wedding planner