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No matter your vision, the wedding day timeline will ensure your story is written your way. In the early phases of wedding preparation you will inevitably attend what seems to be an endless amount of vendor meetings over the course of the wedding planning process. And every vendor will ask you to make decisions about [...]
Why a wedding day timeline matters

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Strategically thinking through the details and logistics of a wedding day are truly what we love and do best. Crafting a timeline that allows your entire day to flow seamlessly and working behind-the-scenes leading up to be sure every last detail is accounted for.. consider it all done! When it comes to planning your wedding, [...]
Why Day of Wedding Coordinators are the best at details and logistics

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Selecting wedding vendors can often be an intimidating task when you first start your wedding planning journey. There are so many vendors to choose from within each area of the industry that it can quickly become overwhelming. You want to find high quality, reputable vendors that will provide an exceptional experience yet those that also [...]
Selecting wedding vendors: What you need to know!

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Choosing a wedding venue is a big deal. Let alone choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day. Not only does a venue set the tone. It typically is a reflection of the couple's personalities. And it can also be an incredibly overwhelming process. We get it! And we're sure you're thinking how can you [...]
Quick tips for selecting the perfect venue for your wedding day!

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Amid the overwhelming joy and love, you – like most new brides – are probably feeling this pit in your stomach of “where do I even begin?!” when it comes to planning your wedding. Planning your wedding can be months or even years in the making. So it’s important to lay out a thoughtful plan [...]
Planning your wedding: where to start!

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We recently shared 4 reasons why we think investing in a wedding coordinator is worth the investment from our perspective as wedding coordinators, as well as a real Mother of the Bride's perspective on investing in a wedding coordinator. And today we're back to share Part 3 of our series - this time, from a [...]