The Ultimate Wedding Registry Guide

Starting a wedding registry can be a daunting task! So we took the work out of it for you and created the ultimate guide to your wedding registry with the top Amazon products that are must-haves for your home and new life together!

First and foremost, you need to sign up here to create your Amazon wedding registry! Then all you need to do, is click and add to your registry list. It’s seriously that simple!

We suggest completing your wedding registry anywhere from four to six months before the wedding. This will give guests time to purchase gifts for the big day, but also for any bridal showers your friends and family may host prior.

Without further ado, we give you, the ultimate guide to your wedding registry! You can find everything on Amazon. And if you’re like us, you LIVE off of Amazon…as do the majority of your wedding guests. So this will make for an easy task you can check of your wedding to do list from the comfort of your own home!

Create your Amazon wedding registry with our guide for new bride's! Plus, we're sharing 60 of our must-have wedding registry items you need for your new home and life together!
Creating a wedding registry can oftentimes be a daunting task, but today we're sharing the ultimate guide to creating your Amazon wedding registry with 60 must-have items you're sure to love for your new home and life together as a newly married couple!

01. Kitchen (staples)

  1. Measuring Cups + Spoons – these heavy duty stainless steel measuring cups and spoons will last a lifetime
  2. Ceramic Coffee + Tea Canisters – cute and simple canisters for your kitchen counter or pantry
  3. Dish Towels – you can never have too many dish towels (we suggest registering for at least 6-8), and we love that these come in a variety of color options perfect for any style of kitchen
  4. Olive Oil Dispenser – how cute is this glass olive oil dispenser with gold spout?!
  5. Mixing Bowls – another necessity that you’ll use a million times over, and we love that these have built-in handles
  6. Silicone Cooking Utensils – having a great set of cooking utensils that won’t melt while cooking are a must for every kitchen
  7. Stain Resistant Tuppaware Set – hands down one of our favorite kitchen staples is stain resistant tuppaware. We’re talking spaghetti sauce, chili, mashed sweet potatoes…you name it! They won’t stain and you won’t find yourself throwing them out like you would most tuppaware.
  8. Casserole Dish Carrier – this will come in handy more than you might think. Taking casseroles and dips to family gatherings or parties just got a whole lot easier.
  9. 20 Piece Gold Silverware Set – something every household needs. We adore this gold set of silverware but it comes in a variety of other finishes. We suggest registering for 8-12 settings.
  10. Pyrex Baking Dish w/ Lid – everyone needs a pyrex baking dish, and we love that this one comes with a lid. Perfect for prepping food ahead of time, storing leftovers, or even traveling to family get togethers.
  11. Le Creuset – worth it. You won’t regret registering for a cast iron Dutch oven
  12. Baking Pans + Cookie Sheets Set – no explanation necessary. You’ll get hundreds of uses out of this matching set!
  13. Calphalon Cookware Set – the perfect starter set of non-stick cookware
  14. Silicone Baking Mats – say goodbye to scrubbing your cookie sheets or using foil. Silicone silpats are amazing for baking anything – cookies, chicken, salmon, you name it! They’re a staple in our team’s households and are used numerous times a week!
  15. Cooling Racks – you don’t need many, but cooling racks are nice to have for the occasional cookie making or holiday baking.
  16. Stasher Bags – great alternative to plastic baggies that are perfect for food, travel and even everyday items
  17. Silicone Measuring Cup Set – we love that these are dishwasher and microwave safe, and easy to use
  18. Dinnerware (Plates, Bowls + Coffee Mugs) Set – timeless and classic set of dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs. We suggest registering for 8-12 settings.
  19. Glassware Set – a classic set of pint and rocks glasses that won’t go out of style. We suggest registering for 8-12 glasses in each size.
  20. Knife Block Set – a good set of knives are worth the investment in our opinion and will last for years
  21. Food Storage Canisters – organizing your pantry just got a whole lot easier (and prettier) with these clear and air-tight stackable canisters.
  22. Cutting Boards – a must-have for every kitchen. We suggest registering for a minimum of 2-3.
  23. Wood Recipe Box – while Pinterest tends to be our go-to for storing recipes these days, it’s still nice to have a box for those recipes you get from friends and family over the years. We love this wooden one!
  24. Rifle Paper Co. Recipe Cards – we love all things Rifle Paper Co., so it’s no surprise we love their recipe cards too!
  25. Sunday Suppers Cookbook – a book of simple, seasonally driven recipes
  26. Magnolia Table Cookbook – anything Joanna Gaines touches turns into gold, and this is no different. We love her beautiful, yet practical cookbook!
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02. Kitchen (appliances)

  1. Single Serve Keurig – for those who enjoy a simple cup of coffee, this single serve Keurig is sleek and stylish and won’t be an eye sore on your kitchen counter.
  2. Nespresso Machine – if you’re like most couples, you and your future spouse probably having differing coffee preferences (or maybe you just crave a different style of coffee every so often). We love that the Nespresso machine allows you to brew not only a single-serve coffee, but an espresso, cappuccino or even a latte.
  3. Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer – our team gets so many uses out of our stand mixers (baking, shredding chicken, and more!) and know you will too!
  4. Instant Pot – A must-have staple for every household these days
  5. Crockpot – Another staple for a good crockpot or freezer meal. We definitely use ours the most in the colder months, but it’s great all year long!
  6. Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer – if you’re a baker, you’ll love having one of these on hand
  7. Toaster – we probably don’t have to convince you that a toaster is necessary and we love this simple, sleek toaster.

03. Bed + Bath

  1. Linen Duvet Cover Set – we adore this gorgeous linen duvet cover set – great for a master bedroom or a guestroom.
  2. Sheet Set – you can’t go wrong with solid colored sheets. We recommend a set for each bed, plus maybe an extra or two for when they’re in the wash!
  3. Bed Pillows – we suggest registering for 2-4 pillows per bed (don’t forget pillows for your decorative shams) and it’s always nice to have an extra one or two on hand in case you have guests that need to sleep on the couch or on an air mattress
  4. Air Mattress – speaking of air mattress. You never know when one might come in handy, whether it be for guests or traveling. You’ll be grateful to have one when the time comes.
  5. Bath Towels – don’t forget a fresh set of bath towels for every bathroom in the house.
  6. Bath Mat – we love that these come in a wide variety of colors – perfect for any large or small bathroom.

04. Furniture

  1. Wood Farmhouse Coffee Table – we LOVE this gorgeous farmhouse-style coffee table
  2. Wood End Table – our favorite wooden end table is perfect for any living room or bedroom
  3. Wood Dresser – if you register for the above mentioned end table, we suggest also registering for its matching dresser. Great quality and incredibly durable!
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05. Decor

  1. Olive Wreath – a gorgeous wreath perfect for any season
  2. Gold Picture Frames – we love these gold glass picture frames
  3. Striped Throw Blanket – this throw is beautiful and practical
  4. Seagrass Storage Baskets – perfect for storage or housing plants
  5. Black Candlesticks – these candlesticks add the perfect touch to any fireplace mantle or bookshelf
  6. Concrete Table Lamp – we love this pottery barn-inspired concrete table lamp, and at a fraction of the cost!
  7. Decorative Pouf – a sturdy and practical pouf to place in front of an arm chair or use for extra seating. It even comes in a wide variety of colors!

06. Cleaning + Laundry

  1. Dyson Cordless Vacuum – hands down one of our favorite purchases to date. Cordless and SO easy to use. We wish we had registered for this when we got married!
  2. Hardwood Floor Mop – great to have for mopping wood floors
  3. Steamer – we think investing in a stand-up steamer with hangar and large water tank is so worth it. It’s easy to use and store!
  4. Trash Cans – every kitchen needs a nice, sturdy step trash can

07. Misc.

  1. Luggage – you won’t regret having a nice set of luggage
  2. Packing Cubes – we don’t travel anywhere without our packing cubes these days – we LOVE how much more space (and organization) they provide!
  3. LED Night Lights – night lights may sound silly to register for, but you’ll be glad to have them for dark hallways, stairways or bathrooms in the middle of the night
  4. Ice Ball Molds – whether you or your significant other are whiskey/bourbon drinkers or not, these are great to have on hand not only for yourselves but for entertaining as well.
  5. Air Purifier – it’s always smart to have one of these (especially for basements) for seasonal allergies or simply keeping the air in your home free of mold and pollen.
  6. Humidifier – great to have in your bedroom. We love that it has a sleep mode and even diffuses essential oils.
  7. Space Heater – you might be surprised how much a space heater may come in handy!
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The list could go on for days!

There is so much more that you could include, but we hope this ultimate guide to your Amazon wedding registry proves helpful!

Still looking for more wedding registry ideas? Check out our Wedding Registry idea list on Amazon – we’re always adding new products we know you’re sure to love!

The JDWC Team


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Creating a wedding registry can oftentimes be a daunting task, but today we're sharing the ultimate guide to creating your Amazon wedding registry with 60 must-have items you're sure to love for your new home and life together as a newly married couple!