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When it comes to social media, engagement is one of the most-tracked metrics. Engagement doesn't just show you what posts people are interested in, but also shows you what you should keep talking about! And of course, your goal is to always get more and more engagement on your posts. So how do you increase [...]
ways to increase engagement on your content

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You probably keep hearing online reasons to blog for your wedding business. But I know that when you are busy planning, adding another item to your plate is not something you are looking to do! However, blogging is such an important part of any wedding planner’s marketing strategy. It takes time and effort, but a [...]
reasons to blog as a wedding planner

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As a coach for wedding planners, I get a lot of questions. Some common ones are how to onboard a client and how to automate systems. But one that I started hearing more and more was how to create an organized inbox. In a digital age, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by an inbox filled [...]
8 Tips For An Organized Inbox | Jessica Dum Education

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As the weather warms up, so do our busy weekends! As wedding planners and coordinators, our busy seasons mean back-to-back wedding weekends and long hours creating and tweaking timelines and client details. To prepare for your first wave of weddings, let's start with some good old-fashioned spring cleaning and wedding season prep! The start of [...]
Prepare Your Wedding Business For A Busy Season | Jessica Dum Education

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Congratulations! Your Complimentary Consultation went great, and your client is ready to book! You’ve popped some champagne to celebrate, but now what? What steps do you need to take to make sure they start working with you with ease and don’t double guess their decision to book you? That is where your onboarding process comes in! [...]
Common Onboarding Mistakes (And How To Fix Them) | Jessica Dum Education

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As a wedding planner, you are probably a people-pleaser. It’s in our nature to want to serve! But does your client experience reflect this? Your client experience goes way beyond just the planning process. It is a complete reflection of the experience from the discovery phase, to problem-solving, to the post-wedding experience. And it’s not [...]
Mapping Out Your Client Experience For Wedding Planners + Coordinators | Jessica Dum Education