8 Reasons to Book a Wedding Coordinator

As an organized, creative bride excited to plan your dream wedding day, you feel confident that you don’t need the services of a wedding planner. But what if there was a perfect middle ground—a way to design your wedding vision without worrying about executing the details once the day arrives? A way to enjoy every moment of celebrating with your friends and family while your perfectly laid plans run seamlessly in the background? The good news is, these things aren’t just some stressed-out bride’s fantasy. They can become your reality when you book a wedding coordinator!

As a wedding coordination team, we’ll fully admit that we’re a *little* bit biased. However, there’s a reason we’ve chosen to focus our entire business around this one service. We believe in the magic of wedding coordination. We believe in your ability to lay the groundwork for the wedding you’ve always envisioned, and we believe in our ability to take over and ensure it all comes to life exactly as you imagine. Keep reading to discover eight reasons why booking a wedding coordinator will be your best investment!

reasons why a wedding coordinator is a good investment


While family and friends can be great sounding boards during the wedding planning process, a wedding coordinator has the experience to offer suggestions that can aid in the success of your event. Based on their years of planning and coordinating weddings in every situation, they can provide unique ideas or input that may be new to you!

In addition, they can offer support to ensure all your décor elements are accounted for and even give décor suggestions as needed. The beauty of working with a wedding coordinator is they’re available to provide guidance when needed. So, you have the ear of a professional without sacrificing the freedom to design your wedding vision.


If you book a wedding coordinator with years of experience (like JDWC!), you can feel confident relying on that experience in the weeks leading up to and throughout your big day. You can trust them to take care of every essential because they know what needs doing, having been through this process many times before.


With your wedding coordinator, you’ll schedule several planning sessions that will allow them to gather all the pertinent information they need. These meetings will also give you peace of mind to ensure you haven’t overlooked any details! We call ourselves a client’s human checklist because we bring up things they may never have considered, shed light on potential logistical issues, and help them create a solid backup plan in the event of inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances.

Reasons to book a wedding coordinator


When you book a wedding coordinator, they’ll help you create a timeline encompassing the entire day, from getting ready to your send-off. At JDWC, we create this for our clients, but we also have conversations with them about their top priorities and “must-haves” for the day (e.g., first look vs. no first look). Moreover, we offer guidance on logistics, including (but not limited to) décor setup, getting ready locations, and travel time(s).

Ultimately, we develop a game plan for the day that prioritizes the couple’s wants and needs and fits within their vendor contracts for their photographer, videographer, and DJ. Unlike many coordinators who start the timeline creation process 4-6 weeks out from the wedding, JDWC begins this process at the three-month mark so we can present a first draft to the client and their vendors, and begin the process of solidifying it all when most coordinators are just getting started. We believe your timeline is one of the most crucial pieces of your day, so we don’t rush it! 

Furthermore, we assist our clients with constructing their ceremony timeline and logistics, which can often be more confusing than many couples expect! We guide them through the number of songs needed, help them determine the processional order, decide where everyone will walk from inside the venue, and whatever else they need.


Your wedding coordinator won’t just communicate with you. They’ll also communicate with your other vendors before the big day! However, at JDWC, we go beyond simple communication about a client’s timeline. Nor do we send one giant, generic email to all your vendors! Instead, we reach out to everyone individually to communicate what they need to know regarding their specific service. We ask in-depth questions tailored to the client’s event and the service provider’s offerings. 

For example, for a live band, we would communicate the wedding timeline, ask for the day-of point person’s name to run through timing and logistics, ask for meal counts and dietary restrictions (and when they need to eat!), confirm song selections, communicate the order of the bridal party’s introductions and name pronunciations, and confirm who needs a microphone to give a speech or say the blessing. And so much more. As you can see, there are many logistical considerations for just one vendor! We take this same thorough approach for every vendor to ensure everyone is on the same page.


As wedding coordinators, we believe in your ability to plan your wedding your way. However, we also know that when it comes to the big day, most brides prefer to leave the execution in someone else’s hands and enjoy every moment to the fullest. That’s what JDWC empowers you to do!

Through months of meetings and email correspondence, we become intimately familiar with every aspect of your day so we can show up and run the show while you get glam and enjoy time with your wedding party. We know when to expect your vendors, what needs to happen (and when) to bring your vision to life, and every tiny detail of your timeline. And we’ll execute it all seamlessly, so you never have to worry about a thing!

Reasons to book a wedding coordinator


It’s crucial to have someone onsite on your wedding day who can answer questions from your vendors and guests. Most couples underestimate the number of questions a coordinator receives on a typical wedding day! Moreover, you need someone who can troubleshoot any last-minute bumps in the road to ease the stress on you and your families. For example, if a vendor is late or doesn’t show up with the correct details, your coordinator is there to field questions and put out fires that would otherwise burden you or your parents.


Your wedding coordinator isn’t just your point person on your wedding day. They’re also your advocate! Whenever issues arise unexpectedly, your vendors show up with misinformation, or things just don’t go according to plan, your coordinator has your best interest at heart and will advocate for you however necessary. They’ll alter the game plan if need be, yet they’ll also know to consult you or a parent before making any big decisions, such as switching to “plan B” if it rains.

Occasionally, we hear from couples who assume they don’t need a wedding coordinator because their venue has assigned them a venue coordinator. It’s important to note that a wedding coordinator’s sole focus is your wedding, whereas your venue coordinator’s focus will primarily be on venue-related concerns like security and catering. Their knowledge of the details of your day and their protection of your interests is another reason why it’s so valuable to book a wedding coordinator!


When you book a wedding coordinator, you have the freedom to design your wedding vision but the peace of mind that you won’t miss a single detail. You have expert guidance when you need it and help handling the logistics to ensure your special day runs seamlessly from start to finish. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about feeling stressed when you should be celebrating or burdening your family when something doesn’t go according to plan. Your coordinator will be ready to step in, provide any troubleshooting needed, and send you on your way to soak up every moment of wedding day bliss!

Are you an Indianapolis bride ready to book wedding coordination? The JDWC team can’t wait to meet you and hear about the special celebration you’ve been planning. Contact us today to get started!

The JDWC Team

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