What To Do One Month Before Your Wedding

The month before your wedding is an exciting time of preparation for one of the best days of your life. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a clear plan for finalizing every detail, it can also be stressful! As wedding coordinators, we partner with brides to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience during the last 3-6 months of the planning process and an unforgettable wedding day.

Is there one month before your wedding? Consider this checklist your ultimate, week-by-week guide. We go over what to do at four weeks, three weeks, two weeks, and one week to go, so you know exactly what to expect and what to do. Whether your big day is just around the corner or you still have a few months left, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you don’t miss a single step!

what to do one month before your wedding



It’s four weeks before your wedding. Are you getting so excited? Nervous about all of those details? We get it! This is when it’s time to start paying attention to the items and tasks that will become so important on your actual wedding day. You want to be as organized as possible, both for your vendors and your peace of mind. So, now is when you start pulling everything together. Here’s what you need to focus on a month out from your wedding date:

  • Compile Your Wedding Details: We recommend putting everything into clear plastic bins so you can identify and give items to your coordinator the week of the wedding. Doing this is better than taking everything to your venue to avoid misplacing items, your venue setting things up incorrectly, or the staff accidentally locking the items somewhere your coordinator can’t access them.
  • Prep and Label Décor Items: Label each bin of items with where it will go on the wedding day (e.g., “ceremony,” “reception,” “welcome table”). Alternatively, you can use sticky notes. Be sure to remove skew stickers from photo frames and the wrapping from votives, candles, and sparklers.
  • Alphabetize Escort Cards: Arrange the cards alphabetically by LAST name so they’re ready for your escort card table. 
  • Finalize the Seating Chart
  • Send the Final Headcount to Your Vendors: Once you have your final headcount, you can assign your guests to specific tables. Then, you can share that figure with your caterer alongside everyone’s meal selections and dietary restrictions. In addition, you should send your florist the final table count so they can order the correct amount of flowers.
  • Organize Place Cards: Arrange the place cards for each guest table and the head table, first by table number and then by seating order. In addition, include a diagram showing who’s sitting next to whom in case the cards get jumbled before your coordinator sees them.
  • Get Your Marriage License
  • Finalize Ceremony Logistics: Decide on processional details such as who will walk with whom and in what order. You should also finalize the order of events with your officiant and share if there’s anything specific you’d like them to say/read.


We’re getting closer! Now, hopefully, you’ve got a wedding coordinator handling a lot of details for you. But there are some things only you can do (like breaking in your wedding day shoes!). Here’s what else we recommend taking care of three weeks before the wedding:

  • Create Welcome Bags
  • Preorder Food for the Wedding Morning: It’s a good idea to have some snacks on hand for the getting-ready portion of the day since you likely won’t eat a square meal until dinnertime! Be sure to order enough food for both bridal parties, especially if you’ll be getting ready in separate locations.
  • Finalize Musical Selections and Order of Introductions with the Band/DJ
  • Start Breaking In Your Shoes: Most brides don’t think to do this, but it will *literally* save your life on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to hobble onto the dance floor with blisters! 
  • Assemble Bridal Party Gifts
What to do one month before your wedding - Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination


It’s getting down to the wire now, so there are some essentials to take care of. The big thing is making sure everyone is on the same page – from your VIPs to your vendors. You’ll also want to make sure you have everything you need beauty-wise for your big day. This includes a fitted dress! Here are the big things to do two weeks out:

  • Send the Finalized Wedding Timeline to Your VIPs: We suggest sending a condensed timeline to the bridal party with need-to-know details such as when to arrive at the venue and the ceremony start time. Some parents may benefit from a more comprehensive timeline, but use your judgment to decide who should receive all the details and who should get a condensed version (i.e., is there anyone who will ADD to your stress if they know everything?).  
  • Finalize the Shot List for Your Photographer: Include the must-haves, like portraits with your partner and the bridal party, but don’t forget to list all the combinations of immediate and extended family members, too. That way, your photographer can quickly call out who is needed and when. In addition, communicate to those family members when and where you’ll need them for photos so they can remain in place after the ceremony (or whenever family portraits happen). Doing this will make for a MUCH smoother and quicker photo-taking process!
  • Assemble a Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Include whatever items will help keep you comfortable and feeling like your best self throughout the day. We suggest a tube of lipstick that matches your makeup artist’s for re-application after dinner, pressed powder, travel-size deodorant and perfume, breath mints, blister spray, and band-aids.
  • Have Your Final Dress Fitting


Only one week to go! Now, you’ll take care of all of those last-minute details that will become critical during your wedding day. But on top of those, there are even more little things that you might not have thought of. Luckily, we have years of experience coordinating weddings, so we’ve thought of them for you! Here’s what to check off your list one week before your wedding:

  • Get Your Vendor Tips Ready: Go to the ATM to get cash for tips, then place them in individual envelopes labeled with each vendor’s name.
  • Pamper Yourself: Now’s the time to get a mani/pedi and a massage to ensure you’re looking and feeling your best for your special day. 
  • Clean Your Engagement Ring
  • Take Guest Welcome Bags to Hotel(s)
  • Pick Up Paper Goods From the Printer: This will include your signage, ceremony programs, menus, escort cards, and any other paper goods you need for your décor. After picking them up, prep everything so it’s ready for your coordinator. 
  • Prep a Box for Flatlay Photos: Prepare a box with everything your photographer will need for your detail/flatlay photos—they’ll thank you for it! The box should include a copy of your invitation suite, ring box, shoes, wedding day jewelry, and any family heirlooms. On the big day, place it beside your dress so your photographer can access it upon their arrival. You’ll also want to ensure you have all three rings with you (after your photographer takes the photos, your coordinator can hand the bands off to the Best Man). 
  • Pack for the Weekend: This could include packing for a hotel stay the night before the wedding, the wedding night, or your honeymoon, depending on your plans. 
  • Plan a Date Night: Designate one night to enjoy quality time together before the festivities begin and your guests arrive in town. Focus on reconnecting with each other and preparing for one of the best days of your life!


Whether you’re reading this at the beginning, middle, or end of the planning process, we hope this checklist has given you confidence in what to do one month before your wedding!

As wedding coordinators, that final sprint to the big day is what we’re allll about. We connect with brides 3-6 months out from their wedding day and help them finish planning so there isn’t a single overlooked detail. Then, we run the show on their special day so they can focus on making lasting memories!

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