How To Streamline Your Wedding Client Review Process

As a wedding planner, you know the importance of client reviews and testimonials! WeddingWire did a report that said that 87% of couples read reviews while searching for wedding vendors. And reviews are one of the biggest determining factors when picking a vendor! Not only are testimonials imperative for potential couples to see glowing reviews from past clients, but it is equally as important for search engine optimization (often referred to as SEO).

But, as a planner, you know that getting these important reviews can be hard. Some clients might seem so happy after the wedding, but never leave a review! So today, I am sharing some of my top tips for how to get these raving reviews, and show off your work.

How To Streamline Your Wedding Client Review Process - For Wedding Planners and Coordinators

01. Template Your Post-Wedding Email

The first step is to have a pre-written email template that you use after each wedding to gather reviews. Inside of this email, you can include a little custom thank you note at the top, and then list where you would like them to review.

Instead of sending the review request directly from The Knot or WeddingWire, I suggest emailing them with the direct links listed. If you send too many requests, it might overwhelm them, which can cause them to not leave a review at all. By having the links directly within an email, they can easily click on the ones they want to use to submit a review.

If you are not sure what to write, we have an email template for that! Our 21 Client Communication Email Templates for Day of Wedding Coordinators includes the exact Testimonial Template we use inside my business! So all you have to is copy and paste, and reuse again and again.

02. Don’t Forget To Ask For a Client Review On Google

While places like The Knot and WeddingWire are great, don’t forget Google reviews! Google reviews hold great weight in the decision-making process. And, as a wedding planner, you should always have a Google Business Page! Google can see client reviews, especially those on your Google Business Page, and takes this into consideration when ranking your website online.

03. Provide Prompts For Easier Reviews

Make it easier for your clients to write reviews by providing specific prompts or questions they can answer. Include questions like their favorite aspect of working with you, standout moments from the event, or how your services exceeded their expectations. By offering guidance, you will get more meaningful and impactful reviews. Plus, it eliminates the overwhelm of not knowing what to talk about in a review!

Drowning in your inbox? Snag the exact email templates I use for communicating with clients and wedding vendors in my very own wedding planning business!

04. Incorporate An Automated Workflow

I always suggest following up at least once about getting a client review. To make this even easier, you can have it automated! Inside your CRM, like Honeybook, you can set up an email follow up sequence that is triggered once their event is over. This way, you don’t have to remember to follow up each time.

Simplify Your Client Review Process

After clients leave reviews or testimonials, show your appreciation by following up with a personalized thank-you note or email. This gesture not only strengthens your relationship with the client but also encourages them to refer your services to others.

Client reviews and testimonials are essential assets for every wedding planner and coordinator! By implementing strategies like pre-written email templates, easy to use prompts, and automated reminders, you can encourage clients to share their positive experiences.

And to make this process even easier, make sure to get our 21 Client Communication Email Templates, so you can swipe our Testimonial Template, as well as 20 more that are essential to have as a wedding planner or coordinator.

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Drowning in your inbox? Snag the exact email templates I use for communicating with clients and wedding vendors in my very own wedding planning business!