Why we are the best at details and logistics!

Strategically thinking through the details and logistics of a wedding day are truly what we love and do best.

Crafting a timeline that allows your entire day to flow seamlessly and working behind-the-scenes leading up to be sure every last detail is accounted for.. consider it all done!

Why Day of Wedding Coordinators are the best at details and logisticsWhy Day of Wedding Coordinators are the best at details and logistics
Why Day of Wedding Coordinators are the best at details and logistics

When it comes to planning your wedding, we know you have a wonderful vision and a lot of great ideas, but you might not have the time nor be able to comprehend how to actually pull all of those ideas together and make them come to life.

That’s where we come in!

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Our team steps in anywhere from 2-3 months prior to your wedding to help you pull all those final details and logistics together – from crafting the perfect timeline, working through your ceremony procession, gathering and communicating final details and logistics with your vendor team, and strategically devising a game plan for the day to ultimately execute it all on your behalf.

We’ve got you covered!

We’ll set up your gorgeous space and manage the timeline while you sip on some bubbly and soak up every second of your dream day with those you love most. There’s truly nothing we love more than executing our client’s visions!

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As self-proclaimed Day of Wedding Coordinators, we would rather know too much information than not enough. So that your day is executed exactly how YOU envision it – not how we envision it.

Sure, things come up unexpectedly. But our role is to get to know you and your plans so that we can do what we do best. We’re your advocate leading up to and on the day itself, and care deeply about forming connections with our clients that last well beyond the wedding day!

The JDWC Team

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