3 Signs You Need a Wedding Coordinator

You get engaged and days later begin preparation for your dream day. You are organized, resourceful, and eager to be in control of each part of the wedding planning process. As you begin to allocate the budget, you decide early on that a full-service Wedding Planner is not necessary and you can plan it all yourself.

But as you get further into the design details, vendor questions, and timeline organization you realize that on the day of your wedding you do not want to be the one executing your beautifully laid plan, but rather enjoying it. And that recognition, along with a few other signs, will point you straight to a must-have for your wedding…a Wedding Coordinator!

Here are 3 sure signs you need a Wedding Coordinator:

3 Signs You Need a Day of Wedding Coordinator - How to determine if you need help and when to hire someone.3 Signs You Need a Day of Wedding Coordinator - How to determine if you need help and when to hire someone.3 Signs You Need a Day of Wedding Coordinator - How to determine if you need help and when to hire someone.

01. Experience

The first sign you need a Wedding Coordinator is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Until you sit down and delve into the nitty-gritty details with a Wedding Coordinator, you may not realize things that you have yet to think of. This is your one and only wedding; you aren’t expected to know it all!

For Wedding Coordinators, this is one of many weddings. They have the experience to help you see things you might overlook and ensure that those details are flawless on the day-of. Start with your timeline. Each vendor will inquire about how you want the timing of your day to run. First look? When do you want to exchange gifts? Hair and makeup for 10 people? Travel time with multiple location changes? Family photos? When can vendors begin arriving, and will linens be set so florals can be placed? How do you envision for your main formalities throughout the evening? Formal exit? Everything (from decor to florals to rentals) has to be out of the venue at the end of the night?  The list goes on.

You are expected to answer these questions, but short of googling what miscellaneous brides say, you have no baseline for how much time to allot for each of these moving pieces of your day.

Enter your Wedding Coordinator with a Superman pen in-hand to save the day!

Your Wedding Coordinator will also be instrumental when it comes to your vendor selection and communication. If there are a few vendors you have not chosen when you meet with your Coordinator they can help steer you in the right direction while taking into consideration your style and personality to help you create a dynamic team. Your Wedding Coordinator is also your point-person on the day-of.  Questions and verifications from vendors all go straight to your Wedding Coordinator so you are left with only the job of enjoying your day!

02. Fun(ctionality)

Do you have plans to divvy up various tasks to family and friends on your wedding day? If so, this is another sign you may need a Wedding Coordinator. Your family and friends deserve to be part of the fun of the event, not the functionality.

Wedding Coordinators function as your sounding board leading up to the wedding and your voice on the day-of. They pepper in an abundance of specific questions throughout their consultations so that they are confident that your exact vision can be executed seamlessly. The intentional and professional conversations that happen between a Wedding Coordinator and vendors gives each of the team members confidence that they can allow the bride, groom, family and friends to relish in the moment and instead lean on the Coordinator for leadership.

03. Execution

It is likely that you have decided to add in personal touches and details to set apart your big day. Therefore there needs to be someone in charge of set up, management and execution of each perfectly planned element.

A professional Wedding Coordinator will have discussed with you how you imagine every little detail set and help light the sparklers for your final send off. They check with the photographer to position your chairs in the perfect location during speeches so your handcrafted bride and groom signs aren’t missed.  A Wedding Coordinator allows enough time to check and recheck place card alignment for alphabetical accuracy and visual appeal.

And all of those items that you have spent time searching for and creating on your own typically need somewhere to go at the end of the night. The last thing you want to do is spend the end of your wedding packing up…or making your parents worry about it. Alas, your Wedding Coordinator switches hats once again to complete this final step and sends you off to soak up the last few moments of your perfect day.

The JDWC Team

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