Where To Find Accountability as a Wedding Planner

Any small business owner knows that running your own business has its perks! You can control your own schedule, set your own rules, and do the work you love! However, running your own business can also be lonely. Either because you’re working by yourself all day, you’re looking for a more collaborative experience or a combo of both. As a wedding planner or coordinator, you’re probably a solopreneur. You might spend a lot of time wondering if you’re making the right decisions or struggle to feel motivated. This is why finding accountability is so important to the longevity of your business! Not only can accountability help you feel less alone, but it can decrease the chance of burnout.

Luckily, there are so many ways you can get accountable and grow your wedding business without that lonely feeling!

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Three great ways to find accountability as a wedding planner - Jessica Dum Wedding Planner Coach and Educator

Accountability Partner

Working with someone who shares similar values and business goals as you can be incredibly valuable for both of you. Checking in with each other weekly or even monthly is a good idea. You can encourage each other to keep reaching for your goals. Your accountability partner will cheer you on and celebrate even the smallest of wins. They can be a sounding board or shoulder to lean on when things get tough. And you will be there for each other during busy seasons when you both just need someone who understands what it is like working all hours of the day!

Choose an accountability partner who will be assertive and has the courage to share real and raw feedback when necessary. You want someone who will challenge you when you’re falling behind on a project or a goal, so you can get everything done on time. This doesn’t have to be another wedding planner! It could be a wedding photographer or a graphic designer. You just need someone who shares a similar interest in hitting big goals and wants someone to help them reach those goals.

Mastermind Group

Join a mastermind group! This is when a group of like-minded business owners in the wedding or creative industry meet on a regular basis. They check in with each other, encourage each other, and provide constructive criticism. Not only can it be a great networking opportunity, but it can provide new perspectives, advice, accountability and a community of support.

Masterminds also allow you to have hot seat opportunities, where the group helps you solve a particular problem you’re facing. Oftentimes, when we’re facing a big business decision, we just need to hear all the sides from unbiased sources. We just need to get out of our own heads for a minute! A mastermind group can allow you to grow, connect, and create long-lasting friendships.

Can’t find a mastermind group that works for you? Create one! Bring together your friends in the industry who share similar goals as you. This way you can really collaborate and create a mastermind that works for you.

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Business Coaching

One of the best options for creating accountability for yourself is hiring a business coach. When you work with a business coach one on one, their primary focus throughout your time together is you and your business. They’re able to take a deep dive into what’s working and what may not be working. They can provide a new perspective and help you fill holes you may not have realized were there.

A good business coach will provide no-fluff feedback too. You’ll get constructive criticism and accountability that will help you grow your business faster. It may not always be what you want to hear, but it can be what you need to hear in order to hit those big business goals.

Finding the right business coach

As a wedding coordinator myself, I know how important finding the right coach is. My 1:1 business coaching will help you shift gears to intentionally propel your business forward. You’ll get the support, feedback and accountability that you need. We’ll work on your systems and workflows and make sure you’re always attracting your ideal clients. Together, we’ll strategize ways to increase your bottom line through structured coaching tailored specifically to your business goals.

A hard lesson I’ve learned in business was that asking loved ones for feedback on certain elements of my business, product suite, services, etc., often doesn’t result in helpful feedback. You’ll often get, “What you’re doing is great!” and “I don’t think you need to change a thing!” As nice as this can be to hear, it doesn’t help you move the needle forward. You need that constructive criticism, so you can build your business to its greatest potential. With the right feedback, encouragement, and support, you can become a booked-out wedding planner!

Having an accountability partner, a mastermind group, or even a paid business coach is so important. You need someone who’s going to hold you accountable and encourage you to keep growing as a business owner and as a person. I’d love to hear from you to learn how I can best help you become that wedding planner you’re meant to be!