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As we enter the fall, we start to enter the off-season in the wedding industry. Fall business winds down, and as wedding planners, we have time to reset, reorganize, and refocus! While things are slower on the wedding front, now is the time to shift your focus to the backend of your business (aka everything [...]
Prepping Your Business In The Off-Season - For Wedding Planners — Jessica Dum Education

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I started my wedding coordination business, Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination, in 2012 - and after being in business for a decade, I have learned a lot of things. And I have changed a lot of my processes. One of the hardest parts of being a business owner is making mistakes. But the most important part [...]
The top changes I have made and what you can do to set your wedding planning business up for success!

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I want to start today with a piece of encouragement: Getting a business coach means you are doing incredible. I often see wedding planners who think having a business coach means their business is failing. But that is far from the truth! Business coaches (similar to health coaches, trainers, etc.) will help give you professional [...]
How To Be a Coachable Client - Wedding Planner Business Coach - Jessica Dum Education

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As a coach for wedding planners, I get a lot of questions. Some common ones are how to onboard a client and how to automate systems. But one that I started hearing more and more was how to create an organized inbox. In a digital age, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by an inbox filled [...]
8 Tips For An Organized Inbox | Jessica Dum Education

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As a wedding planner, you are probably a people-pleaser. It’s in our nature to want to serve! But does your client experience reflect this? Your client experience goes way beyond just the planning process. It is a complete reflection of the experience from the discovery phase, to problem-solving, to the post-wedding experience. And it’s not [...]
Mapping Out Your Client Experience For Wedding Planners + Coordinators | Jessica Dum Education

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Have you ever been at a wedding as a vendor, and were handed a 10+ page client timeline? It can be pretty overwhelming! The goal for client timelines is to create a simple, easy-to-read, and clear overview of the day’s events. While it's important for us as planners and coordinators to be fully aware of [...]
tips for client timelines for wedding planners