How To Make Your Wedding Stand Out With Small Details

As wedding coordinators, for us, it is truly all in the details.

We love seeing how brides incorporate the small details that make a lasting impression on their guests. Forgetting the finishing touches might leave the wedding feeling incomplete, disconnected, and ordinary.

When thinking about the design and detail aspect of your wedding, we would encourage you to pick a few places to really highlight.

What will be your signature? And no, we don’t mean the new signature you will sign with your forever last name – but instead the lasting impression you will leave on guests with the décor choices you make on your wedding day.

What will stand out about your wedding as compared to the numerous others guests have and will attend?

By planning your wedding in small segments: getting ready, cocktail hour, ceremony, reception dinner, reception dancing, etc. think of something in each of those places where you can leave your mark.

Here are 4 small and simple details you can leave your mark on!

01. Menus

Are guests choosing their meal option months in advance? Are you providing food that is out of the ordinary? Are you making a donation in guests’ names or have thank yous that you want to acknowledge? If so, menus are a perfect place to keep guests informed and add your personal detail to your reception tables.

02. Signage

Welcome guests at the ceremony and/or reception with a sign, add bar and late-night menu details to a sign, or pick your favorite quote and have a sign made that can double as wedding and later home décor.

03. Guestbook

All this talk about your guests’ experience but what about something special that you can take away from the day? The guestbook is perfect for this! Gorgeous coffee table books from your honeymoon location are a great option. Guests can pick their favorite picture to sign or leave a sweet note and now you have a seamless addition to your new home.

04. Favors

Do you both have a sweet tooth? Have your baker whip up some beautiful macarons in your wedding colors, package them in a clear box and place them at each guests’ setting. Boom! You now have a visually appealing design detail that guests are sure to remember and devour!

The JDWC Team