Elevate Your Wedding: 7 Worthwhile Splurges for an Unforgettable Day

You’ve got all your basics covered: the venue is secured, you already chose your dessert-of-choice, and you know you’ve got to have that open bar. But you still want to incorporate some fun ideas to really wow your guests – whether it be something small that adds to the aesthetics of the night or something unique that creates an unforgettable experience.

We’ve got some helpful hints at things to consider when looking to add to the overall experience of your wedding day. These additions will add to the overall feel of your day and are sure to be a worthwhile investment!

7 worthwhile wedding splurges to elevate your wedding day!7 worthwhile wedding splurges to elevate your wedding day!7 worthwhile wedding splurges to elevate your wedding day!
7 worthwhile wedding splurges to elevate your wedding day!

01. Hire a Videographer

While we love our photographers and the amazing memories they capture, there’s just something special about being able to relive your day through video too. From catching the candid dance moves on the dance floor to capturing the emotional moments during your Father’s toast, having a videographer there adds to the memories you’ll get to look back on for years.

02. Add some draping

Spice up your reception space with jaw-dropping draping that makes the room look magical. There’s nothing quite like adding details like this to make the space as unique as you are. You can add draping pretty much anywhere – behind the head table, as guests enter your tent, over tree branches as a backdrop at the altar – the options are endless!

03. Incorporate a live band

Liven up the party with a live band! These groups are always a great addition to your reception because they can easily interact with guests and make you feel like you’re at your own, personalized concert. They always seem to be a crowd fav and are sure to keep the dance floor full all night long!

04. Use specialty linens

Don’t be afraid to add some personality with your linens! Whether you want to add a pop of color, incorporate a cool pattern, or bust out the textures, linens can be a great way to make your event space look elegant. You can also mix-and-match your linens throughout the room! Add fun linens to your head table, cake table, or even gift table while sticking to the basics on your guest tables. 

05. Rent furniture

This is a great way to make your large space feel more intimate and inviting. Whether you’re going for a modern-boho look or a rustic-vintage look, adding couches and chairs for guests to lounge on can add to the overall look and feel of your space. Plus, they make for great spots for wedding photos! 

06. Spice up the night with specialty cocktails

Have the bartender offer a Him and Hers specialty drink to show off your personality through a beverage that guests can enjoy and sip on through the night. Pro tip: don’t forget to add a cute sign! Even better? If you add a custom name to the drink that describes your personality even more.

07. Add a fun activity for guests to enjoy

This is SUCH a great addition to your wedding – especially if you’re wanting to emphasize the experience of the night. From photo booths to coffee bars, to a live painter – there are several ideas out there to incorporate into your reception that are sure to make your guests remember this day forever.

Whatever details you choose to include or not include in your wedding day, we hope you feel like the ones you do have truly represent your love story and personality. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow!

The JDWC team

Indianapolis Lead Wedding Coordinators | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

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