A Former Bride’s Perspective: Investing in a Wedding Coordinator

We recently shared 4 reasons why we think investing in a wedding coordinator is worth the investment from our perspective as wedding coordinators, as well as a real Mother of the Bride’s perspective on investing in a wedding coordinator. And today we’re back to share Part 3 of our series – this time, from a former bride’s perspective!

As wedding coordinators, we don’t have a tangible product to show for ourselves. Which can often make it difficult for couple’s to truly understand the value a wedding coordinator brings to the table – until it’s too late. That’s why it’s important to us to provide an experience like none other for our couples. One that makes our clients feel heard and well loved on from day one, knowing our team will execute the day exactly how they’ve always envisioned it.

Not only do our couples trust our team to execute their details, timeline and logistics, but they hire us so they and their loved ones (moms, siblings, best friends) are able to be full present with them on the most important day of their life!

So today, we thought we’d have a former bride share her take (Q&A style) on what it was like working with our team and why she thinks investing in a wedding coordinator was the best money they spent on their wedding!

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Summer downtown Indianapolis wedding at Indiana Roof Ballroom with Jessica Strickland Photography | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

01. Why did you want to hire a wedding coordinator?

I always knew I would hire Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination for my wedding when the time came. Years ago, I didn’t even know what she did, but my mom always said, “We have to use Jess!” We had many friends use her and everyone said it is a MUST and one we wouldn’t regret! 

02. Describe the role of a wedding coordinator from your experience?

A wedding coordinator pretty much does everything you wouldn’t think to do leading up to the wedding. Jessica asked us questions we hadn’t even thought about – and I thought my mom had it all covered! She made the entire wedding (including the planning leading up to it) come together so smoothly. She created a very extensive and detailed timeline for the day and coordinated with our vendors to reduce the dress on me and my mom. Most importantly, she did so much the day of to ensure my parents could enjoy it all without having to worry about a thing.

03. What would you say to someone who is unsure of hiring a wedding coordinator?

It is worth every penny! Because of their expertise JDWC can help you prioritize what is most important to you, so you are able to save money in the end if a wedding coordinator was not originally in your budget. I think wedding planning can be stressful, but a wedding coordinator takes a lot of responsibility off of the bride and her family (or whoever is planning the wedding) and eliminates unnecessary stress! It should be an easygoing and memorable experience, and Jessica and her team makes that happen!

Summer Indiana Roof Ballroom Wedding with Jessica Strickland Photography | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

04. As someone who planned her own wedding, what did it mean to have someone there to execute your vision?

My mom and I were able to show Jessica pictures and tell her about the ideas we were envisioning, and she truly brought them to life. 

05. Where should future brides prioritize a wedding coordinator in their budgets?

Top priority! I don’t think anyone would ever regret hiring a wedding coordinator when the wedding is all said and done. It is one of the best decisions you will make!

Summer downtown Indianapolis wedding at Indiana Roof Ballroom with Jessica Strickland Photography | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

Xo, The JDWC Team

P.S. Thank you Jamie for taking the time to share a bride’s perspective on what it was like working with our team! We adore you and loved being a part of your big day!

Images by Jessica Strickland Photography