How to Know When It’s Time to Invest in Coaching

In every business, there comes a stage where you start to hit walls. You started this wedding planning business with so many incredible ideas! You read all the blogs, put in countless hours of marketing work, and have a few weddings under your belt. But you start to feel a little bit overwhelmed about what to do next. You start to feel like you’re making things up as you go, and you’re looking to really focus and streamline.

And while your friends and family are supportive and your biggest cheerleaders… they just don’t fully understand what you do as a wedding planner.

Does this sound familiar, friend?

This happens to all businesses! For some people, this hits after year one. For others, it can be a few years in the industry. And while this time can feel frustrating (you just want some help!), there is a solution. This is the time to invest in coaching!

Today, I want to share some tell-tale signs that it’s time to invest in coaching and move the needle in your business!

5 Signs you are ready for a wedding planning business coach - Jessica Dum Education

01. You Need Direction

As your wedding planning business grows, so do the decisions you have to make. There are 100 directions to go in. But you need guidance when it comes to next steps, and the next move to make in your business. Let’s just say, overwhelmed is an understatement. And that’s where a coach comes in!

As a coach for wedding planners, and a planner myself, I know exactly how this feels. Everyday, I work closely with my coaching clients to build a solid path in the right direction. Working together to create the perfect game plan and course of action for what to do next in their businesses.

02. You Need Accountability

As I have shared before, running a wedding planning business can get pretty lonely. We are often solopreneurs, and most of our family and friends are not sure how to even offer advice. Let alone relate to what we may be experiencing as a one-woman-show. No one is there to hold you accountable and that’s part of what’s keeping you stuck!

One of the biggest reasons to invest in coaching is for the accountability alone. When you work with a coach one on one, their primary focus is you and your business. They’re able to give constructive criticism and accountability so that your business grows. And you’ll gain so much clarity around your business with their guidance and support!

How To Land The Sale - And Book Wedding Planning Clients

03. You Want to Increase Your Pricing

One of the biggest signs that you need to invest in coaching is when your business gets to the up-leveling stage. You are ready to increase your fees, but you’re not sure how to do it properly. And truth be told – you might even be afraid. And worst of all, how in the world do you market this business to the right clients who will pay that new price?

When I work 1-1 with clients, we don’t just deep dive into their ideal clients, but we look to see what action steps we can take to get them connected to said clients. As a coach, I always have an unbiased viewpoint, especially when it comes to marketing! My clients get constructive feedback from someone who’s been in their shoes and can relate to what they’re experiencing.

04. You Are Ready to Streamline

After planning and executing quite a few weddings, you might be seeing some logistical problems in your business. Maybe you’ve noticed that the inquiry process takes too long. Maybe you’re not turning client work around as fast as you’d like. Or maybe you need to better automate your workflows.

As a business coach for wedding planners, I help clients find gaps in their systems and processes.  Together, we work to create the best solutions, all while increasing productivity and elevating the client experience!

How To Land The Sale - And Book Wedding Planning Clients

Ways To Work Together And Invest In Coaching

As a wedding coordinator myself and someone who actively works with a coach as well, I know how important finding the right business coach is. Someone who gets you. Who understands your business model. And more importantly, someone who is in your corner and genuinely wants to see you and your business succeed!

That is why I offer two different coaching packages, that can cater to your needs no matter what stage of business you’re in!

VIP Days

If you are looking for a jumpstart in your business, and clarity on some big upcoming decisions, a 1:1 VIP Day may be perfect for you! This gives you 6 hours of coaching with 30 days of follow up support, unlimited email communication and a 30 day follow up call to keep you on track with your goals. You also get a complete recap of our time together with action steps for moving your business forward.

We can tackle some of the biggest roadblocks in your business, including offerings and pricing, sales strategies, business foundations, systems and workflows, and so much more!

90 Day Coaching

If you’re looking for more long-term coaching, my 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program would be a great fit. Over the course of 90 days, we have 1 kick off call and 3 coaching calls where we can tackle anything under the sun. You’ll get action steps and video recordings following each call, unlimited email communication throughout our time together and regular check-ins to hold you accountable for your goals.

We work closely through each and every pain point you may be experiencing in your business so that you can confidently make big moves towards accomplishing said goals.

Coaching truly is the best way to move forward in your business because you have someone else with experience dedicated to helping you do so. A coach can really help you hammer out the specific issues you may be facing and give you the tools you need to propel your business forward.

But don’t just take it from me. Here are what my clients are saying:

If you’re looking to upgrade your business and you’re ready to invest in coaching, I’d love to hear from you!