5 Reasons We Do What We Do (and love every minute of it)

When I started Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination, I knew from the beginning I wanted to niche down. While most planners offer partial and full-service planning, I wanted JDWC to specialize in the execution side of wedding planning and solely focus on Day of Wedding Coordination. This was hands down the best decision I ever made for this business because it has allowed us to focus on what truly makes us happy, and when we’re executing our passions, our clients are getting the best experience possible.

We get asked a lot why we decided to make the bold move in niching the business, so we hope this article gives you a little insight on why we do what we do (and love every minute of it)!

5 Reasons to niche your wedding planning business

01. We Obsess over the Client Experience

Our clients are at the core of what we do. The relationships we get to form with our brides + grooms (and their families) bring us so much joy. Whether it be chatting over your details and understanding more about your unique love story or seeing you two on the big day, our hearts are filled with joy knowing we get to play even a small part in the most memorable day of your lifetime.

Because of that, it’s important to us that our clients have a memorable and stress free experience when working with our team. We step in anywhere between the 2-3 month mark, and help pull all the final details and logistics together. From crafting a seamless timeline, to helping clients think through the logistics of a contingency plan or how design elements will be setup in a short window of time, to communicating with their vendors, to execution.

After years of trial and error, we have created an unparalleled experience that allows clients to not only have complete confidence we have a full understanding of their vision, but also allows them to actually sit back and enjoy the day without worry of how it’s all going to come together.

02. We LOVE the logistics (like, seriously)

Okay, so this might sound a little crazy to some people, but we actually  love the logistics that come with planning a wedding… like seriously. From the excel spreadsheets to the detailed timeline, we love figuring out how each aspect of your day fits into your overall timeline. We love making sure everything is on schedule, and when things are running behind, finding solutions to fix the problem so nobody even knows something happened.

We believe that on your special day, the only worry on your mind should be saying “I do” and enjoying the time with your closest friends and family. And that’s why handling your details brings us so much joy because when you’re happy, we’re happy.

03. Your love. Your story. Your way.

Nobody knows your special story more than you do. We love when our clients incorporate their special story into the details of their wedding! From serving a Limoncello shot to all your guests in memory of your special trip to Italy together or having your ceremony at the place your story all began, the opportunities are endless! Our clients come up with some of the most unique ideas that they want incorporated into their special day, and we love giving them peace-of-mind knowing all their details will be set up exactly how they always envisioned.

04. Our passion from niching

Our passion truly comes from the execution side of the event. While we are all for seeing a beautiful design come together, we get excited about making sure all those little details are in place to create that beautiful space. By living out our passion day-in and day-out, we never get tired of what we do which allows us to serve our clients with an open, happy heart every single time. While niching a business isn’t for everyone, it was certainly something that was for us, and doing so has allowed us to serve our clients better than we ever thought we could.

We absolutely love what we do, and we would never trade it for anything! Thank you to all the couples who have trusted us with their special day. Here’s to the future clients we get to share our passion and love for what we do with! Cheers!


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5 Reasons to niche your wedding planning business