Planning your wedding: Where to start!

Amid the overwhelming joy and love, you – like most new brides – are probably feeling this pit in your stomach of “where do I even begin?!” when it comes to planning your wedding.

Planning your wedding can be months or even years in the making. So it’s important to lay out a thoughtful plan and begin by being completely transparent with anyone who will be majorly involved. When everyone is on the same page from day one it makes wedding planning seamless and much less stressful!

Planning your wedding: where to start!Planning your wedding: where to start!
Planning your wedding: where to start!

As wedding coordinators, we have seen it all.

You are likely in one of two bride camps: detail-oriented or big-picture. No matter your vision, these tips will ensure your story is written your way.

With that, here are the things you need to know when you are starting to plan your wedding.


01. Planning your wedding budget

Of course, the first is the budget. You need to know who will be contributing to the wedding funds. Maybe one or both of your parents have graciously offered to contribute. Maybe you will be taking it on on your own. Or a combination of the two. Nailing down a firm budget allows you to move forward with planning your wedding and is a discussion that has to be had.

02. Planning your wedding size

Second, determine your wedding size. Whether you’re going big or keeping it small, being on the same page about this one is so important. Get your family’s input if it matters to either of you or if they’ll be footing the bill. This goes back to tip #1, as determining your budget first will help give you a better idea of how many people you can invite when it comes to contracting with a venue.

03. Planning your wedding date and venue

Up next, select a wedding date and venue. In our experience brides and grooms usually have one that trumps the other. If date is most important then your venue, your search may have to be expanded as you check availability.

04. Hiring a wedding professional

Last but not least, if you’re considering bringing a professional Wedding Planner or Day of Wedding Coordinator on board to help with logistics and décor, ask around for references and do a little online research, before setting up some interviews. Reach out to these people immediately to check availability and set up initial meetings. It’s important that you find a team player and someone you trust!

The JDWC Team