Selecting Wedding Vendors: What You Need To Know

Selecting wedding vendors can often be an intimidating task when you first start your wedding planning journey. There are so many vendors to choose from within each area of the industry that it can quickly become overwhelming. You want to find high quality, reputable vendors that will provide an exceptional experience yet those that also mesh well with your personalities and fit within your budget.

So what do you need to know when selecting wedding vendors?

Prioritize and then seek quality.

Selecting wedding vendors: What you need to know!Selecting wedding vendors: What you need to know!
Selecting wedding vendors: What you need to know!

Much of your spending will be allocated to the venue and vendors when you sit down to plan your wedding budget. Make a list of your priorities and then look for quality. You’ll be upset if you have six vendors that are low-cost but lacking in talent. You only have one shot at this day, so do your homework and ask plenty of questions.

When it comes to weddings, it can very much be a ‘get what you pay for’ situation, so don’t be swayed by the extras. And certainly don’t hire someone for cost alone.

A professional demeanor is required, in our opinion, for an effective wedding service provider. They reply quickly, follow through on their promises, receive favorable feedback from previous clients, and have a good reputation among other vendors.

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You can consult with a variety of wedding providers that specialize in various areas of the celebration. To make this easier ask other brides and grooms for advice and referrals if you need additional wedding vendors.

If you’ve already chosen a Wedding Coordinator or Photographer, they’re a wonderful place to start when it comes to vendor recommendations. They are typically a great resource for providing recommendations for vendors that regularly deliver exceptional service for their brides/grooms’ ceremonies and receptions.


Another pro tip is before you reach out to a potential wedding vendor, make a list of the questions you need answered. Going straight to the source is the greatest way to get answers about a certain service.

While we firmly believe considering all of your options is key, it’s inevitable that you will have to say no to at least one or multiple vendors you’ve inquired with. So it’s also important to mention the importance of respecting a vendor’s time.

Whether you get a quote back that is higher than expected, a response time longer than you would have preferred or simply knowing they’re not a fit for your day – always, always follow up and at least acknowledge them and thank them for the time they took to speak with you. Even if you have to turn them down. Every vendor you reach out to is another human running a small business. The least you can do is let them know you’re going a different direction vs. avoiding conflict and ghosting them altogether.

So what is the most important thing we’ve learned over the years when it comes to selecting wedding vendors?

Hire folks whose personality meshes well with you and your significant other.

Not only will you be spending a decent amount of money on your wedding, but you’ll also be spending a lot of time with your vendors leading up to and on the day itself. Think photographer, videographer, DJ or band for instance. Make sure you’re selecting wedding vendors you trust and who you’d enjoy being around all day. And those who focus on providing quality services and a top notch experience for their couples at that.

Do you think you’d want to grab a cup of coffee with this vendor? If the answer is no, don’t hire them. Not only will your vendors be with you for a long time on your wedding day, but you’ll also have to work with them in the months leading up to it.

The JDWC Team