3 Telling Signs You Should Bring On a Team

Let’s be real.. owning your own business, regardless of what it is you do, is no easy feat. There are times where I struggle with the many different tasks that come up during the workday and feeling like I have a never-ending inbox. With the amount of work that started coming in with my business, I am so glad I made the decision to grow our team over at Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination. My Lead Coordinators have become a part of my family, and I am thankful everyday for their passion to execute the values of our brand.

Whether it be outsourcing everyday tasks to a virtual assistant, hiring a copywriter or designer to help you turn around content quicker, or even bringing on Associate Planners or Coordinators in order to execute more weddings – there are many different ways you can add to your team and it will look different for everyone.

Below are 3 telling signs it’s time to build a team:

01. You’re working yourself into the ground

There’s a lot that goes into running a wedding planning business. People might think it’s just executing these beautiful events, but there is far more that goes into it than that. From keeping up with relevant social media content to communicating with vendors for wedding day timelines – your work day can quickly become bombarded with a never ending list of tasks you need to get through. If you’re finding that you are constantly drowning in work and can never catch up, it might be a sign you should consider adding to your team.

Adding onto your team may be scary or even intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Adding to our JDWC team was one of the best decisions I ever made for our company. If you feel like you have more work to do than hours in the day, start to consider opening up a role on your team, but be selective when choosing who to add! You want someone who is not only passionate about the work you do, but someone who will also represent the values of your company.

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02. You’re turning away leads

If this is you, this should be a big, red flag that you should add another member to your team. Turning away clients that you know you’d be a perfect fit for is frustrating, especially when you have to turn them down because you don’t have the bandwidth. If you are constantly having to turn down your ideal brides because you’re already booked, hiring on another team member will allow those clients to still get the awesome experience your company offers.

When you hire on a new team member, it’s important to give extensive training on the ins and outs of your company so every client feels like they are getting the same experience.

03. You want to scale your business, but you don’t have time

You’re ready to expand your business, but you’re all out of ideas on what could be next… think about expanding your team! While this won’t necessarily add additional services to your company, your business will be able to grow by the number of weddings you can now execute with the additional help. Not only will this help to scale your business, but you’ll be able to develop and nurture relationships with your new team – one of our favorite parts of having a team!

Don’t get me wrong, I know it can be hard to choose to grow your team. But if any of these scenarios sound like you, it might be worth the extra thought to expand! I hope this gave you some helpful insight and gives you the extra push to continue to grow your business.


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