It’s your day. It should happen your way!

When planning your wedding, you spend countless hours on the details, decisions, and every meaningful touch. After so much intention and effort, the question becomes, “who will make sure everything goes according to plan? At JDWC, that’s exactly what we do for you. Jessica and each of our Associate Coordinators specialize in day of wedding coordination. Our focus is making your big day the reality you’ve worked so hard for it to be.

On the day of your wedding, we ensure your plans are carried out smoothly and discretely handle any problems that may arise. We act as the liaison with the venue, vendors, parents and couple in a process that starts in the last few months and weeks leading up to your wedding day. In the end, we pull the pieces of the puzzle together for you – your way!

Having a Day of Wedding Coordinator is one of the best wedding gifts you can give yourself. It’s an opportunity for you, your family and your friends to relax and fully enjoy the wedding you’ve been dreaming of!

What can we do for your wedding? The following is a brief overview of some of the tasks JDWC will handle leading up to and on the day of your wedding:

  •  Meet with the Bride and Groom to create a wedding day timeline
  •  Review all details and logistics planned for the wedding day
  •  Review any arrangements the couple have previously made with vendors, and update timeline accordingly
  •  Provide etiquette advice
  •  Work with wedding officiator to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional (unless otherwise done so by ceremony venue personnel)
  •  Remind wedding party of where they need to be the following day, and at what time
  •  Setup and manage rehearsal dinner as needed
  •  Transport any necessary décor items from the Rehearsal Dinner to the Reception location for overnight storing
  •  Facilitate on-time arrival of hair and make-up stylists and instruct them as to where to set up their equipment
  •  Coordinate any pre-wedding meal deliveries and clean up
  •  Ensure all flowers arrive on time and distribute to wedding party
  •  Confirm photographer and videographer arrive on time, and are aware of the day’s timeline
  •  Coordinate with transportation vendor so the wedding party departs for the ceremony as scheduled
  •  Communicate any last minute details to the wedding party
  •  Confirm florist has delivered and set up all ceremony floral arrangements
  •  Ensure that personal flowers (i.e. Boutonnieres, Flower Girl baskets and Attendant corsages) have arrived at ceremony location
  •  Distribute all flowers to remaining wedding party and family members
  •  Set up programs, guest book, unity candles, and send-off items
  •  Ensure ceremony musicians have arrived and direct them as to where to set up
  •  Ensure Ushers/Groomsmen arrive on time and are ready to escort guests
  •  Ensure designated attendants arrive on time and are ready to pass out programs and assist with the guest book
  •  Alert Ushers/Groomsmen as to when to begin escorting guests to their seats
  •  Coordinate with the ceremony officiator and musicians to determine signals or cues that will begin the ceremony
  •  Handle any emergencies that may arise
  •  Line up wedding party and family members for the processional
  •  Cue ceremony musicians when wedding party is ready to begin processional
  •  Transport items from the ceremony location to the reception venue and store any items not needed at the reception
  •  Greet all vendors and instruct them as to where to set up
  •  Make sure Cocktail Hour and Reception décor is set up according to plan
  •  Make sure all flowers are set up according to floral order
  •  For outdoor tent or barn weddings – make certain that lighting is arranged and working appropriately
  •  Confirm timing and logistics with band, DJ or designated emcee and ensure they can correctly pronounce the wedding party’s names
  •  Meet with catering and venue staff to confirm food timing and the overall flow of the evening
  •  Arrange escort cards
  •  Place chargers, menu cards and favors at individual settings
  •  Set up table numbers, guest book, card box, cake cutting utensils and champagne flutes
  •  Ensure any other miscellaneous décor is set up according to plan – wedding signage, cocktail napkins, family photos, photo booth and so on
  •  Assist catering and/or venue staff with remaining setup needs
  •  Examine guest tables and head table to confirm they are set up properly and have the correct number of chairs at each
  •  Review final set up before guest arrival
  •  Ensure proper flow of Cocktail Hour food and drinks
  •  Help guests locate their escort cards and dining tables, and encourage them to take their seats at the appropriate time
  •  Locate wedding party and line them up for their introductions
  •   Cue band, DJ or designated emcee when the majority of guests have found their tables and the Bride and Groom are ready to be introduced
  •  Know the catering service’s schedule, and help ensure that guests are served at the appointed time
  •  Cue band/DJ, photographer, videographer and immediate family members when important events take place (i.e. first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, and toasts)
  •  Cue Father of the Bride, Best Man and Maid of Honor when they are about to be announced for toasts
  •  Distribute final payments and gratuities to vendors at the end of the night
  •  Prevent and fix any problems that may arise during the event
  •  Remain easily accessible through the entire event in case there are any details the Bride & Groom would like attended to
  •  Collect gifts and personal décor items, and ensure they reach the designated family member, room and/or vehicle at the end of the night
  •  Coordinate reception departure transportation and/or formal send-off
  •  Assist in the planning of the Post-Wedding Brunch
  •  Facilitate on-time arrival or delivery of outside catering
  •  Coordinate food and beverage logistics
  •  Help with setup of décor and/or floral items
  •  Prevent and fix any challenges that may arise during the event
  •  Ensure proper clean-up

For Indianapolis + Destination Weddings