Photography: Lemongrass Photography | Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination

jackie and barry

Hiring JDWC was by far the best wedding decision my husband, Barry, and I made. We knew exactly what we wanted our wedding weekend to be – modern, classic, and most of all, fun – and while we could manage planning the details of the wedding ourselves, we wanted an expert on hand to pull off our vision. A simple google search led me to the JDWC website, and I could immediately tell that I liked Jessica’s style. We met a few weeks later, and my suspicion was confirmed – Jessica was the wedding coordinator for me! She was upbeat, personable, and simply a blast to be around. Thankfully, she was also incredibly organized and detail-oriented. She helped us think through the logistics of the weekend, working out any potential issues in advance and focusing on how to achieve the experience we wanted, and helped us keep on top of all of the vendors we had hired.

In the most overwhelming moments during the months leading up to our wedding, I was so grateful for Jessica and the much-needed positive energy she brought to the entire wedding coordination process. Thanks to Jessica, Barry and I were able to be completely in the moment, enjoying every detail of the weekend, and the entire weekend appeared flawless to us and all of our guests.