Ways to make the most of this special time together!
5 Tips for Making the Most of your First Look

So you’ve decided to do a first look, but you’re unsure how to make the most of it? Whether you’ve been gung-ho about doing one from day one, your significant other feels strongly about doing it for one reason or another, or you simply feel that seeing each other beforehand will help ease your wedding day jitters…today I’m sharing some tips on making this moment extra special!

5 Tips for Making the Most of your First Look

1. Plan for it to be just the two of you – Okay, your photographer should definitely be there too! But have your Bridal Party and any family members hang out in a separate area/location so you can have a private, intimate first glimpse at your soon-to-be spouse without feeling like there’s any pressure. Let it be just that – a quiet moment, just the two of you!

2. Build the time into your timeline – Try not to “squeeze” first look photos into a 10 minute time frame. Instead, plan for it and add a good 20-30 minutes to your timeline so it doesn’t feel rushed or impersonal! Your wedding day goes so fast and you deserve to embrace the moment together!

3. Position the groom before the bride – Have the groom in place first (facing away from the direction the bride will be entering), and then bring the bride to him! This way your photographer can position the bride accordingly and snap a few photos before the groom turns to see his bride!

4. Exchange a small gift or note to each other – There’s no better time than when you’re alone together to exchange a gift, or even read hand written letters to each other. Not only will it make for a beautiful moment your photographer can capture, but it allows you to see each other’s reactions and share in what is bound to be an emotional exchange!

5. Enjoy these few moments alone – Take your time, soak in the moment, and enjoy this quality one-on-one time with your love before the busy-ness of your wedding day really takes off. It may be one of very few moments alone (if not the only) that you two may have together all day!

5 Tips for Making the Most of your First Look

A first look can be beneficial for multiple reasons, and ultimately allows you to enjoy a few minutes to yourselves on a day where everyone is vying for your attention! So my biggest takeaways to making the most of your first look would be to plan for it, work with your photographer to be sure it’s a private moment, and just enjoy this special time together before you say “I do”!


Images by Stacy Able Photography